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Meet the Artist

 Hey, you! Welcome! My name is Sydney. I have been a Poet for 7-8 years, a former medalist of the 2017 NAACP Olympic Competition for Written Poetry. The purpose of my poetry is to connect with the parts of ourselves we send hiding in the shadows. To elevate and remind others of the connectivity in vulnerability, whether that be mental health, racism, sexism, etc. The strength it creates when we decide to be seen is what I enjoy deeply sharing in a way that hasn't been done before. In today's society, there is not a ton of appreciation for being human. We wake up and dabble on our phones and avoid human connection at all costs. With my work, I disrupt, dismantle, and cater to every inch of dissociation with ourselves and others.


Cheers to setting ourselves free. Cheers to your Sovereignty. 

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