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Boundaries- Invading Privacy

As a young black girl navigating this world with my mind made up about everyone else it helped and harmed me in a timely fashion.

To my mother, aunt and brother, she was spoiled. Hard-headed with no direction just imagination, shallow living.

Never wanna come out that room they say, I say, she was harvesting for the day it was time to release the expectation of allow you to invade her privacy.

Not just literally, but mentally and emotionally.

My subconscious had to wake my ass UP to reserve this energy because right now

I'm trusting my body over my mind.

I'm following the rhythm that makes you uncomfortable.

I'm setting myself apart from your experience of me.

If I didn't I would be superficial, instead I'll choose to be irritational, reckless, and get to know chaos and her peace.

And tell each other stories about how we never stop creating and destroying ourselves for the soul purpose of welcoming ease. Until it beats anything we could ever have possibly imagined.

I'll make strangers stare and pull the demons out in their closets. Effortlessly.

Without doing anything at all outside of my horizon from when, I was

a little black girl. Navigating in a world with my mind made up about the way people move in this world.

Black, White, or Asian, I'll call out the demons in your closet the moment your nose is too up close in my business.

All I suggest is... ya'll let people be. If someone around you as a boundary don't piss and moan and expect they'll open their door freely.

They will check you. Correct you. Maybe even forgive you. But your on a thin line of dignity.

I warned you once already out of love let people be and respect their capacity, or they'll stretch your insides apart and leave them on the floor. Rapidly.


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