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Sweet, Sweet Agony...

Agony (noun) An intense pain of mind or body. Also seen as a strong sudden display of emotion, an outburst.

I've recently had the pleasure to meet Agony. She showed me the pathways of my spine how they swing like vines..trickled to my stomach. Hovering like an old house that was abandoned or forgotten about. She pointed to the roots, of my hollow hallways how they led me to room no could know about. I've held these doors locked and buried but had the audicity to give you a key to a room.

And like Maleficent I told you my truth and you danced on my ashes. Decided that I was no longer the one you wanted just the essence of my presence is good enough for you. I cherographed and played every song that entice you. I was your mission of fixation not a love worth paying attention too.

You abused your power in the same room I gave you the keys to..You lack so much compassion that you marked my disfirgurations as high fashion and like agony I harrased myself for not being enough like you.

Instead I'll chose to be the villian in your pethetic fake ass cinderella story. While you mock and wear mine.

This motherfuckin' HOUSE.

Sweet Agony, allowed me to give you the key thinking If I had more friends over it'd be a party. Instead I became more lost, more longing and still lonely.

The vines of this house hold more than deceased memories. They carry the burn holes in my heart for not knowing better than to let you get too close to me...


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